Copywriter Cathy Camera
As a construction copywriter with extensive knowledge of the building industry, I understand how important it is to make your business stand out from the crowd. You need to get ahead of your competitors so that clients understand you’re delivering reliable, high quality services. As a writer in the construction industry, I  research, write and edit:
    • Detailed case studies showcasing projects you have completed,
    • Powerful advertorials informing the public about your building products,
    • Persuasive and informative blogs that answer your client’s questions,
    • Creative real estate ads that help you sell houses and
    • Optimised website copy that helps get your brand front and centre.
The advantage of using a specialist construction copywriter is that I already understand your industry so you can save time and see results faster.
Cathy is exceptionally fast at filing, and is able to meet tight deadlines while maintaining her high quality of work...
Caitlin Chang
Editor, SBS Life
Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, but her approach is down to earth and friendly.
Angela Grubisic
Founder, Coco & Bean
A big help in proof reading and editing (social media) posts to ensure that our company is always conveyed as professional and our message is clear and effective.
Rose Cirillo
Admin Manager, FCD Excavations P/L
Her ideas and extensive knowledge have proven very successful for my business.
Tino Pangallo
Manager, Extract Espresso
Proud AWC graduate
Proud AWC graduate


  • Case Studies
  • Blogging
  • Website Copy
  • Advertorials
  • Real Estate Ads
  • Social Media


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