3 Reasons a copywriter is essential for your business

Sep 15, 2018 | Business, copywriting

I would venture to say that most business owners don’t know what a copywriter is, let alone that they need one. But as most discover, a copywriter is not only needed, but absolutely essential.

A copywriter is a wordsmith – a professional writer who writes the words that help your business thrive. Whether you sell products or a service, words are needed to get the message across to customers and clients. And those words can’t just be written by anybody. Whether it’s words on a brochure, on a website, in a newsletter or in a case study (to name but a few written products), they need to be clear, concise and most of all, they need to get the message across and sell your business and your image!

So, here are the top 3 reasons your business needs a copywriter:

You don’t have time: Whether you’re a large, medium or small business owner, running your actual business takes time. There are always a thousand and one tasks to attend to or to oversee; there are people to meet and clients to chase. Put quite simply, you don’t have the time to be sitting there crafting great pieces of copy. Time is money and you need to keep hustling. A professional copywriter can free up your time to do the important stuff.

You’re too close to your business: Granted, you know your business inside out. You know how many hours you slave behind the scenes and you know what makes it tick. But you know those things because you are the leader, and the central person everyone rotates around. It’s hard when you are in the middle of it all, to see things from the outside – from a potential customer’s viewpoint. A copywriter can do that. They can be your voice from within but also your eyes and ears from outside – without all the emotion that goes with it. Basically, they can be objective.

Not everyone can write well: Most of us sat through English classes in school, and most of us can write. But we can’t all write well. Writing is a craft. If we could all write well, we would all be bestselling authors. Why would you put your business message in the hands of someone who isn’t an expert? Most people pay for a graphic designer to create a logo, a web designer to create a stunning looking website, a professional to put signage up at their store or on their business vehicles – yet none of these things are worth it without the right words! Badly written copy, whether on a website or in an email can be the fastest way to turn off a potential customer – and drive them to your opposition.

Business is a hard slog. Unless you’re a business owner, you don’t really know what goes on behind store fronts and websites. You don’t understand the burden of rent, of finding and keeping staff, of taking care of all the legal and financial requirements – or of the time it takes to make an idea work. Make your job infinitely easier. Hire a copywriter and give your business the best chance at success.

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