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What is an advertorial?

As an advertorial writer, I get asked this question a lot. You’ve probably seen many in weekend pull out magazines and local papers. If they haven’t stood out as advertorials, it means the writer did a great job. An advertorial is a paid ad in a publication that is written to look like a piece of editorial. The word advertorial is a mix of the words advertisement and editorial.

When written correctly, an advertorial is a clever way to advertise without making it glaringly obvious that you’re doing so.

Advertorials predominately appear in print publications, although they are starting to be seen online more frequently as well.

How do advertorials work?

You usually contact the publication and book in the space for an advertorial, as well as pay for it. After this, you submit the written piece and it goes to print. The publication may sometimes change the headline or alter the copy slightly if it doesn’t fit their word space.

Advertorials are usually very short pieces, around 300-350 words – although this can vary between publications so you should always check. This might seem like a simple task but it’s actually harder to write a short piece than it is to write a long one. The copy needs to be very succinct. You need to tell everyone about your product or service, and its benefits, in as few words as possible.

Additionally, you need to make the piece sound like a “normal story” otherwise people are likely to skim over it and not read it. It’s a great way to draw attention to your product or service and advertise it in a subtle way to a large audience.

Example of Advertorial

I’ve written a number of advertorials for building materials. In some instances, I’ve even taken a longer case study I’ve written and edited it to turn it into an advertorial. An example of this is the piece titled Modern Transformation that I wrote on behalf of Boral. It was published in South Australia’s Home and Life Magazine (a liftout in the Sunday Mail newspaper).

Why you should hire me as your advertorial writer

Granted, you could get your office junior to write your advertorial, or ask another staff member to spend time writing it but is this what you want – staff spending valuable time writing an advertorial that might not be the best? Unless you have a secret love of writing, you’re probably not going to want to do it yourself either.

As mentioned earlier, although short in words, a writer of advertorials understands how to get the most value out of those words. Writing is my job and before copywriting, I wrote a number of editorials and feature articles for various publications. This means I understand the style of writing required of an advertorial. I can help promote your brand without making it sound like a cheesy infomercial.

How do we start?

Simply contact me and I’ll send you a brief to gather all the necessary information, plus a quote once I know what is involved. I then write the advertorial and you get two free revisions to make any changes you wish before you send it off to be published. It’s a great way to reach a different and wider audience.

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