Affordable proofreading service

Proofreading and Editing

Affordable Proofreading Service

Affordable service for proofreading and editing. Are you wondering why anyone needs this service at all? Surely you can check your own work. Or ask someone in the office to do it for you. Maybe.

Yet I know many builders and tradespeople don’t have that luxury. They are under the pump just trying to get through jobs. But there’s nothing worse than getting correspondence from a professional builder, plumber or electrician that is full of spelling mistakes.

An affordable proofreading service gives you peace of mind that your business is coming across as professional, and reflects the standard of your work. That’s what you want. You want people to know that you’re very knowledgeable about your area of work and conduct yourself to a very high standard.

In my blog post 4 Great Reasons to Hire a Copywriter for Proofreading, I outline why proofreading is such an essential service.

Who can hire me to proofread

Basically anyone can hire me for proofreading. Although I work for builders, I proofread for anyone who needs the service. I know how critically important it is to the end goal – whether that’s getting a job, getting good grades on an assignment or establishing a high standard within an organisation.  It is also the reason I try and make my proofreading service affordable. I’ve proofread job applications and resumes, school and university assignments, website copy and guidelines for government departments.

What’s the difference between proofreading and editing?

I like to describe proofreading as cosmetic and editing as structural. Proofreading involves correcting things like spelling, grammar and punctuation. Editing is more detailed and has me asking the question, “can this be said in a better way?” Editing by its very nature seeks to improve the quality of the written work, whereas proofreading only makes surface changes.

How I work

My clients provide the work in Word form and then I proceed to proofread or edit. I go through the copy a number of times because I’m human as well. And I really want to ensure that you are getting back a document that is as close to perfect as possible.

I send you back two copies of your work. The first has all the corrections on it marked in red. This is so you can clearly see the changes I made. The second copy is a clean copy ready for you to use.

Pricing – Cheap v Affordable Proofreading Service

As with all areas of copywriting, you will find organisations who can proofread or edit for next to nothing. Put yourself in the position of that proofreader. If you were being paid next to nothing, would you be spending as much time as possible on a job to ensure it was perfect? Or would you be trying to get through as many documents as possible in order to earn some decent money?

My affordable proofreading and editing service isn’t the cheapest on the block. I hope it’s not the most expensive either. As with all my pricing on services, I try to be fair. I cover my time but also try and give you an affordable rate. I quote each job individually because I also like to take into account your actual document and your situation. My aim is to provide discounts to certain groups such as students because I know many don’t have the spare money to be paying for proofreading, even though they need it. I also try to give discounts when documents are long so that the price doesn’t become overwhelming.

My Promise

My promise is that this affordable proofreading and editing service has a real person behind it who cares. I care about the quality of work I produce and I want you to feel confident about the document you’re giving to someone. Contact me now to discuss your proofreading and editing needs.

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