Capability statements for the construction industry

Are you part of the construction industry and looking for a capability statement? 

A capability statement is a little like a resume, but for a construction company rather than an individual. It tells prospective clients all about you and what you can offer them.

The document helps prospective clients decide whether you’re the right fit for their project.

Why do those in the construction industry need a capability statement?

The construction industry is one of the largest industries in Australia. And make no mistake, it’s a crowded and competitive market. 

A capabilty statement can help you stand out and win over clients. Once created, you can use it over and over. You can print it and hand it out to people who have made enquiries with you. Or you can save it in PDF format and attach to emails and quotes as needed. You can even include it as part of tenders for larger projects.

Imagine someone emails or rings and asks about your company. You won’t need to scurry around trying to gather information. Simply send them your capability statement and tell them everything they need to know.

What’s included in a capability statement?

I include the following in your document and deliver it to you in Word format. Ready for you to pass on to your designer so they can work their magic. If you’d like the capability statement designed using your brand colours and logo, please ask. I work with some amazing designers and can get a quote for the extra work.

I gather the information for the capability statement through a written brief/phone interview and research. Depending on the type of business you have this list may have things added to it or deleted.
  • Short introduction
  • About Us
  • Products/services description
  • Key strengths
  • Your team (short bios)
  • Qualifications and accreditations
  • Core principles/values/approach to work
  • Community involvement
  • Your processes
  • Company policies
  • Featured projects (short case studies)
  • Testimonials
  • Conclusion
  • Contact details

Look professional and be ready for all enquiries. A capability statement will set you up for success.

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