Construction blogger

I enjoy being a construction blogger because it combines my two loves – writing and all things building. I’ve been a blog post writer for well over 10 years. Before most people even knew what a blog was.

A blog is a wonderful opportunity to build brand awareness. It lets potential clients get to know you. And from an SEO perspective, it gives you an opportunity to rank for more search terms.

What is a blog?

Blogs were originally like an online journal. A person would write about a topic that they were interested in by way of regular posts. These days, businesses use blogs to share information about themselves, explore topical themes and educate their audience.

Why blog posts are good for SEO

Many builders and especially tradespeople don’t have blogs on their websites. When an SEO copywriter like myself or a web developer tells them it’s a good idea to have one, they often freeze not knowing how to respond. I’m sure they think “How will I have time to write a blog?” and possibly “I hate writing! I thought I left that back in school.”

But blog posts are a great idea for any website and a construction blogger can take care of the writing for you.

Blog posts allow you to add extra content to your website, beyond the standard pages that you have. By writing about topics in your area of expertise you have the opportunity to stamp yourself as an authority in your field. You know how to build houses and you know how to build them very well. Or you’re an expert plumber who can deal with a crisis and solve problems quickly. Whatever your industry, a blog post writer can put your knowledge into words so that people know they are dealing with a professional.

Having a blog allows you to build a relationship with potential clients. When people feel they know a business really well and know the person or people behind a brand, they are more willing to do business with you. By having a blog, you build up trust. In a post titled How a Blog Can Make Your Business More Successful,  I list some of the statistics that clearly show the benefits of blogging.

Having a blog post also gives you the opportunity to target more keyword phrases that people are often searching for. This means you have the potential to come up in more online searches for your product or service. While you wouldn’t pay for keyword research for each post, you can still order some general keyword research. As a construction blogger who also understands SEO, I can then optimise your post for a certain phrase. This will be of benefit because it will bring greater traffic to your website. Once you have more traffic, you also have the potential to convert.

How often should you blog?

There’s no hard and fast rule about how often you should blog. I think every website owner would love to blog daily but for most people that’s unreasonable and doesn’t fit their reality.

The more important thing is to be consistent. Blog once a week, once a fortnight or even once a month but try and stick to a regular schedule. Hopefully, you will build up a following and people will be eagerly awaiting your posts.

If you visit my Portfolio, you can see some examples of blog posts I’ve written for other businesses.

Why do some blog post writers charge so much and others so little?

On my Pricing page, I have a starting figure listed for blog post writing. It’s hard to list just one price because a blog writer’s job can vary greatly from one piece to another. Some blog posts require more time and research than others. I try to be fair to my clients but also fair to myself because I’m spending time crafting a great piece of writing.

You will definitely find blog post writers that charge peanuts. But you know what they say about paying peanuts. Is someone who’s charging you $25 or even $50 for a 600-800 word blog post going to be putting effort into it? Probably not. They are going to be trying to churn out as many blog posts as they can to make some money. I don’t work like that. If you would rather quality work from a person who cares about your business and understands your industry, as well as knows the reason you are blogging, then I’m the construction blogger you need. Get in touch and we can discuss your blogging needs.

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