Tone of Voice Guidelines can help you maintain consistency in your brand voice.

This document helps you communicate your brand values. When your brand voice and values are meaningful and consistent, your business naturally grows.

What is a tone of voice document?

A tone of voice document is an internal guideline for your business. It’s not a public document but can be shared with anyone who will be representing or speaking on behalf of your business. 

You can give your Tone of Voice Guideline to new and current employees, to copywriters that you’re working with, to advertising people, to graphic designers – basically to anyone that will be “speaking” or communicating on behalf of your business. By handing them guidelines you can ensure potential clients are getting the right message said in the right way. This means you minimise time spent briefing people and that saves you money as well.

What sort of businesses have voice guidelines?

Some of the biggest brands in the world from Nike to Ikea have Tone of Voice documents to guide their communication. But they are just as valuable to brands and small businesses that are starting out. Getting your message clear and consistent from the outset will set you up for success.

Even a sole trader can gain benefit from a tone of voice guideline for their business. At some point, you may need a copywriter or web designer, or even a photographer. Being able to hand this person a copy of your tone of voice document will save you a lot of time.

What’s included in Tone of Voice Documents?

I include the following in your document and deliver it to you in PDF format, ready for you to distribute to whoever needs it. Information is gathered through a phone interview and research.

  • Vision statement
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Product features and benefits
  • Competitors
  • “Avatars” of your target audience or ideal clients
  • Brand values with detailed explanations of what they sound like
  • Brand personality traits with detailed explanations of what they sound like
  • General writing checklist
  • Word bank to assist with communication
  • Web writing tips

If your business is more than a hobby and you want to ensure a strong, clear, consistent brand voice, tone of voice guidelines will help you get there. Find more information on my Pricing page.