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Website Review

A website review will provide you with peace of mind that you’ve built your site correctly, or that someone else has. I use my knowledge of copywriting and especially Search Engine Optimisation to give you honest feedback about your website.

You don’t have to spend money optimising your website if you’re not ready to. But my website report will give you an outline of what has been done correctly. It also makes suggestions for improvement.

What is covered in the website report?

My report tests things like speed using well known web tools. It also assesses factors like responsiveness, user experience, legal and trust aspects of your site. I can’t examine all the technical features of your website without access to its back end. But I can still give you a great deal of information about how your website is structured and how it is functioning.

The review of your website provides assurance as well as a blueprint moving forward. Websites are always a work in progress. You can work on the recommendations yourself or outsource them to others. I’m able to help you with copywriting but I also have a stable of web developers and other experts I can refer you to for the tech side of things.

Affordable, quick and thorough – it’s the website evaluation you can’t afford not to have.

Contact me now so we can get started.

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