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Welcome to the Copywriting Chronicles

Welcome to my new freelance copywriting site. You can learn all about me, my past work and the copywriting services I offer by scrolling through the website.

This is definitely a labour of love. I’ve blogged for many years, having first started with a personal family blog and then moving on to a food blog. This blog will no doubt develop organically as I go along. For the moment, I envisage it will include posts about writing and projects I’m working on, with perhaps the odd book review thrown in. I don’t believe a writer can be a writer without also being a reader!

This blog will also feature many posts about the building and construction industry. Through friends, family, personal home builds and copywriting jobs, I have been immersed in this field for most of my adult life. Building excites me and I hope to share my knowledge and passion with you through this blog and my copywriting clients in the field.

Thanks for joining me on this freelance copywriting adventure.

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