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As a real estate copywriter, I understand how important well-written copy is. The property game, especially in Sydney, is fast paced and often cut throat. When the market is great, competition is fierce and when the market is experiencing a downturn, well, the competition is still fierce. You need to stand out whether the market is saturated with buyers and sellers or not. I totally get this.

The experience I bring to real estate writing

Being a building and construction copywriter means I have extensive knowledge of how houses are built, the features that make them stand out and even the different quality of products that go into them. I also have an understanding of the market and what is trending. What are buyers looking for? What sort of buyer should you be targeting? You don’t need to waste time explaining this to me. It forms my background knowledge and I can use it to write effective ads.

However, I feel my greatest experience comes from being a seller. My husband and I have built and sold three homes. We’ve also rented in between two of our builds. So that gives me a real understanding of what buyers are looking for, and this results in better copy.

Good writing is a reflection of your brand

Let’s face it – you could get anyone to write your real estate ads. In fact, real estate writers are often sales agents or office juniors. They follow a bit of a template and out goes the ad. But that’s not copy that grabs the premium buyer.

I also know there are people out there willing to write ads for virtually nothing. I’ve seen these ads. And I wish I could unsee them. They’re cookie-cutter ads and often have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Is that how you want your brand represented?

Some people don’t care about typos and grammatical errors.  And I totally get that everyone is human and makes mistakes on the odd occasion. But if you are constantly producing plain content or ads with errors, it gives the impression you don’t care. That you don’t strive for excellence. And this actually turns people off. One study found that you can lose up to half your sales because of poor spelling on your website.

Buying or selling a house is a huge deal to people. They don’t enter into such transactions lightly. So when people are looking for an agent to help them, they want someone who comes across as knowledgeable and completely professional. If you can’t get some simple spelling right, then how can you handle a major transaction like a house sale or purchase?

How I work as a real estate copywriter

My experience in the building industry means I can read plans and look at photos and understand what features a home has. I also instinctively know which of those features should be highlighted in a real estate ad.

So you don’t have to spend your valuable time on long phone calls or writing long emails explaining what should go in an ad. A few dot points, a floor plan and some photos are enough for me to write a great ad for you. I even have a briefing template to make the process even easier and quicker for you.

I have an official turnaround time of 48 hours for real estate ads, but most times I get ads back to you much sooner than that. This is because I understand how important timing is in your game. A delay in advertising can mean a sale doesn’t happen.

Display Boards, Video Scripts and Staff Profiles

As a copywriter for real estate agents, I also know you may need other types of copy – anything from display boards and video scripts to staff profiles.

Display boards and video scripts need to be succinct. You have a small amount of space or time to capture your audience’s attention. Having written for a number of online and print news publications, I’m experienced at sticking to a word limit and delivering a message with impact. And I deliver my copy to deadline.

With staff profiles, most read like job resumes. Boring! My staff profiles reveal the personalities behind the names. I know this is important when you’re building a brand and relationships with your local community. I simply get staff to fill out a short questionnaire and/or interview them by phone and this allows me to produce effective staff profiles.

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