Modern butler's pantry with bench space and storage
Building and Construction

Is the Butler’s Pantry a Must Have or Just Pretentious?

Last night saw the all -important kitchen reveals on The Block and the butler’s pantry became a talking point on Twitter. Dee Madigan, Creative Director of Campaign Edge, posted about her loathing of butler’s pantries, asking “why have a kitchen if you don’t want to cook and prep in it”. Many agreed with her (590

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Empty room under renovation with no flooring
Building and Construction

Could You Do The Block? To Renovate or Not?

Every year when a new series of The Block starts, my husband who is in the building trade, turns and says “We should go on The Block!”  My response is always a laugh and “no chance!” While I love reality TV (my guilty pleasure), I would never be silly enough to put myself in the

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Hard hats hung in a row on a work site
Building and Construction

R U OK? MATES in Construction

HEADS UP – This post deals with the topic of suicide. If you are experiencing problems or dealing with suicide grief and would like to talk to someone, please reach out to Lifeline or one of the listed organisations. Three years ago today we said goodbye to a friend who most of us didn’t know

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Dimly lit library with rows of books and hanging lights

Copywriting vs Copyright

For many copywriters, the difference between copywriting and copyright, is something they are constantly having to explain. I must admit I often say “I’m a writer” rather than a “copywriter” to avoid the confusion, but this isn’t technically correct either. Writing or feature writing (which I also do) and copywriting are two distinct fields.  Confused?

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Conference room with people sitting at tables

5 Tips for Building Meaningful Relationships with your Clients

You will find that the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs are those that have built meaningful relationships with others. In many cases, you won’t be the only business providing the service you do or selling the product you do. So the key to success is to stand out from the crowd, and the way to

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The Light Between Oceans and All the Light We Cannot See books
Book Review

The Thin Line Between Good and Evil

As a copywriter, I’m always reading in order to learn and improve. I strongly believe that every writer has to be a reader. They go hand in hand. In the midst of “work reading”, I also try to find time just to read for pleasure. Hence, some of the reviews/opinions you will find here about

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