The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not just to meet them, but to exceed them
- preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.

Sir Richard Branson


We can highly recommend Cathy Camera for any of your copywriting needs. Cathy understands the Building, Construction and Design industry making the whole process smooth and effortless. Cathy is extremely easy to work with and is genuinely passionate about her work. We were extremely happy with the final copy. The language and word choices were clear, professional and worked to communicate our brand identity.
Cathy Camera is a talented writer who has a fantastic sense for what people are talking about. Her opinion pieces are considered, relatable, and she has great skill in covering trending stories from new, uncovered angles. Cathy is also exceptionally fast at filing, and is able to meet tight deadlines while maintaining her high quality of work - something I highly value as an editor!
I was absolutely thrilled when Cathy wrote an article about my book, 'The Girl'. Her writing is eloquent and insightful and she conveyed the message of my whole book in one article. Cathy is a fantastic writer and I'm honoured she chose my work to showcase.
It was a pleasure working with Cathy. She saved me a lot of time and I was very happy with the blog she wrote for me.
Cathy took on a project to write a blog post for our construction company (based in NSW), and performed very well, with a writing style that matches our industry. If you're in construction and looking for a copywriter, I would recommend you give Cathy a try.
I recently engaged Cathy to write some copy for Coco & Bean. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, but her approach is down to earth and friendly. I would highly recommend Cathy and will continue to use her services.
Cathy helped us develop a social media strategy for Instagram. It was very detailed and made using social media for our business less stressful. As a result our brand recognition has increased. We would recommend her to any business looking to start or improve their social media pages.
Cathy, your service has been amazing. You are professional, reliable and easy to work with. After seeing all your previous clients, I knew I had to use your service. Highly recommend your service to others and will use your service once again.
Cathy was such a pleasure to work with in helping us to create written content and copy for our new website and products at ePlan Hub. Her attention to detail was next to none and her professionalism and experience shows in the way she was able to create each listing for our products. The whole process was very smooth and efficient and we will definitely be utilising her services for future projects.
Cathy really understands the Building and Construction industry. With her choice of words in writing articles, she makes it easy to understand issues and new legislation. She is also happy to advise you on what content is suitable for your target audience. If you are looking for someone to write content for you, Cathy should be your go to person.
For someone who has no confidence in writing (understatement!), and had a tight timeframe to get a new business and website off the ground, Cathy was a lifesaver for me. She managed to take my rambling draft and turn it into clear and concise information for my functional health website. On top of that Cathy was so lovely to work with and I could tell that she really cared about producing copy that I would be proud to have on my website. It wasn't just a transaction for her, she genuinely cared about getting a good outcome for me. She made an otherwise stressful process, so much easier - thank you Cathy!
I have been working with Cathy for one year and her ideas and extensive knowledge of online posting through our social media platforms have proven very successful for my business. Cathy is able to present our food and drink ideas and our menu to the hearts and stomach of our loyal customers, which is leading to our online following growing rapidly.

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