Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions.


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What is Copy?

Copy is basically written text of any kind. It can be used to sell, to inform or to persuade. The art of copywriting has nothing to do with intellectual property rights (copyright).

What sort of writing can you help with?

I specialise in writing SEO website copy, capability statements and case studies for the construction industry. However, I’m not limited to these types of copy, and I also write for other industries occasionally. If I can’t help with something, I often have other copywriters I can refer you to.

Do you meet with clients face to face?

Only in very rare circumstances. Most projects are able to be completed via modern technology – phone calls, emails and video calls. It’s a better use of time and saves you money working this way.

How much lead time do you need?

This depends on the size of the project and what other work I have on. Try and contact me 3-4 weeks before wanting your copy to ensure you’re not disappointed. However, if something is urgent, you can take advantage of my VIP Copywriting Packages.

What is your hourly rate?

In most instances, I work on a per-project fee. This means you can budget and know how much you’ll be investing in your branding from the outset. There are no hidden costs. If the scope of the work changes, I’ll always let you know before proceeding. You can get an idea of my pricing by visiting the Pricing page.

Do you design logos/websites/brochures?

While I don’t design websites or do any graphic design work for clients myself, I’ve developed partnerships with people in these industries who can help you. Just let me know if you need this service as well and I can obtain a quote on your behalf.

I'm not part of the building and construction industry. Are you still available to write copy for me?

Depending on my work schedule, I certainly take on work that falls out of the scope of the construction industry. But it all depends on whether I feel it’s a good fit for me. If I can’t help you, I try to refer you to someone who can assist you.


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