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Construction Case Studies

Many builders and contractors benefit from writing construction case studies that show off their expertise and skill through work on a particular project. Case studies are effective in converting leads to sales because they establish your brand as a leader in your field. As a specialist construction case study writer I’m able to demonstrate how your business solved a problem for a client, and in doing so allows others to see how you could help them as well.

What Exactly is a Building Case Study?

A construction or building case study is basically a customer success story shared with the world. It starts by describing a problem your client came to you with, for instance a narrow corner block they wanted to build their home on. It would then outline the issues you had to overcome (like boundary setbacks that made the building envelope even smaller).

As a case study writer I would also interview your client and sometimes other professionals who helped you solve the problem. This could be someone like an architect. The case study might also discuss problems encountered during the build. Finally, the case study shows off the finished product along with your client’s glowing recommendation of how you helped them by delivering their dream home on a narrow block.

Construction Case Study Writer

Most builders and contractors are too busy to sit down and write case studies for projects they complete. And even when they do have the time, it’s not something they enjoy doing. This is where I come in. I write case studies that not only save you time, but also help you generate more business.

I start off by gathering information about the project. Some of this comes from you. Other information can come from the client, from architects, designers, tradies and even community bodies. I conduct phone or email interviews with these people and then turn all the research into a story.

Example of a Case Study for a Building Supplier

If you head over to my Portfolio – Construction Writing page, you can see some examples of construction case studies I have written. In particular, have a look at South Australia’s Kent Town Revitalisation. It was a combined project between City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters Council, Oxigen Landscape Architects and Boral for whom I wrote the case study.

Boral commissioned me to write the piece in order to show the versatility of their Longo™ pavers and to demonstrate how they can work with different professionals within the community to enhance a public area.

How to Use Your Case Study Effectively

Great ways to get your case study out there:

  • Print it on a flyer or brochure and have it available in your showroom or at industry events
  • Turn it into an advertorial and have it published in a local or national newspaper, or in a home magazine
  • Publish it on your website so that potential clients can find it and read it – you might even consider optimising the page if the particular service or product is something you really want to be known for.

Price for a Construction Case Study

Most copywriters don’t have actual prices for their services listed on their websites. I can totally understand that. I didn’t either for a long time. The reason is that there are many variables. Factors to consider include how much research is required and how many interviews have to be conducted amongst other things.

However, I believe in being transparent so on my Pricing page I have actual prices listed to give you a rough idea of what I charge for this service. If you think I may be able to help you, you can then contact me for a free quote and take it from there. I love writing construction case studies. Call me and see how I can help your business gain recognition.

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