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Hi, I’m Cathy Camera and I would love to help you hero the projects or elements that make your business great.

Through long-form case studies, you can stand out from the crowd and demonstrate why clients should choose you for their next project.

Case studies are an amazing form of social proof and can help you elevate your brand.



A case study writer can turn your star projects into marketing gold

Did you know that case studies are one of the most underutilised marketing tools available to those in the construction industry?


As a case study writer, I can help you get case studies written quickly and efficiently.

If you’re in the construction industry, chasing deadlines and managing projects, writing case studies probably doesn’t top your list of favourite things to do.

That’s where I, The Construction Copywriter, step in. With a specialised focus on the sector, I’m the case study writer that can help you elevate your brand.

From builders to engineers, architects, and even software experts, I’ve got the knowledge and experience to capture the essence of your work.

Why case studies? Because they’re not just documents – they’re your success stories waiting to be told. They showcase the challenges you’ve conquered, the solutions you’ve innovated, and the remarkable results you’ve delivered.

But I get that they’re also time consuming, and can be stressful to put together. 

Imagine handing off that burden and instead receiving a well crafted resource that does more than just sit on your website, but actively markets your brand.

You’ll save time, eliminate stress, and end up with a versatile marketing asset that speaks volumes about your business capabilities and achievements.

Don’t delay

Invest in a case study writer today

A case study is something concrete you can send out with project quotes, or have published on your website. There are so many uses and benefits to be gained from case studies, but they’re also one of the industry’s most underutilised marketing tools.

Get a jump on your competitors and use this tool to showcase your skills.

A case study can instantly demonstrate that you and your team are the best people for the job.

And as your specialist case study writer, I can produce compelling case studies that will pull in those fence-sitting prospective clients.









A case study writer can hero your brand


Case studies are customer success stories.

They describe a project, product, or process, summarising the features that make it unique, and the skill set that helped achieve the client’s goal. Case studies present problems and explain how you solved challenges through skill and creativity. They also highlight testimonials from your client. These are social proof for prospective clients looking for evidence of how you work.

As your case study writer, I interview the client and other professionals who helped you deliver the project. Then I pull the information together into a compelling case study.

The completed case study shows off your expertise and experience. And it delivers your client every reason to choose you. 


Builds trust

Heroes your brand


Increases sales*

* 62.6% of eMarketer survey respondents say that case studies are effective in generating leads. Case studies were also cited as the third most influential content marketing type in the purchase process for both small businesses and large enterprises.

(Neil Patel, Why you need to create case studies).

A case study in 3 simple steps


Get in touch and order a case study.


Fill out and send back brief that will be emailed after Step 1. Then participate in a briefing interview (informal chat).


Receive copy of case study ready for you to utilise.*

*Time will depend on how many people need to be interviewed. However, if you want a quality case study written quickly, a VIP Copywriting Package may be the perfect option.

Don’t pull your hair out trying to be a case study writer yourself

You might decide to write your own case yourself. But when you find five minutes to sit down and work on it, you don’t know where to start. Or you have trouble pulling all the information together and making it sound professional.

Maybe you hate writing and would rather stick pins in your eyes than have ‘write a case study’ on your to-do list. Didn’t you leave all this stuff behind when you left school?

Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. I’m here to save you time and angst. All you have to do is provide some dot points via the briefing sheet I’ll email you after you order. That’s it. I might need to chat with you via video call, but nothing that will take up too much time.

As your dedicated case study writer, I do the rest. I take your notes and turn them into a powerful asset so you can cash in on your success.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t order one sooner.

Make money rather than waste money

You can spend a long time trying to be your own case study writer.

Even if you’re a great writer, it can take forever. Because you don’t write them every day.

It would be like me trying to build something using a YouTube video. I could probably get there in the end, but it would take a lot of stopping and starting. A lot of rewinding the video to hear instructions again.

And at the end of the day, even if what I’ve built is half as good as what a professional carpenter could have done, how much time have I wasted?

Can your PA be your case study writer?

You might even try and save money by giving the task to your personal assistant or someone in the office who can half-write. But, is that the best use of their time? Couldn’t they be doing something more productive that will make you money? They’re not writers either. So whether it’s you wasting time trying to write, or them, you’ll still be losing money.

The good news is you can order a case study from me and receive it with a minimum of fuss.

A piece of work that you can use straight away, to sell your brand and win you more clients. If you’re going to spend money, spend it in a way that will yield results. A small cost for big results.

Give potential clients a reason to choose you

People may have heard of your brand, or they may follow you on social media. But do they know what sets you apart from others in your industry? Do they know how much expertise and talent you have?

Having a case study writer do the writing is a great way to blow your own trumpet without sounding arrogant.

There’s nothing like a real-world example to win people over. A case study provides details about a project. The challenges and solutions contained in it hero you and your business.

It doesn’t just tell people how good you are. The case study shows them.

Case studies can also provide glowing recommendations from a past client. I’ve obtained amazing quotes from people I’ve interviewed for case studies. They’re the gold nuggets in every project. Testimonials you wish you had – and can have with my help.


  • Up to 1200 compelling words
  • Briefing calls
  • Up to 2 interviews with relevant parties (plus client interview)
  • Testimonials from interviews
  • Social media snippet (Penthouse Package only)
  • Two free amends


Who should order a case study?

  • Builders wanting to demonstrate their skill and point of difference
  • Engineers wanting to demonstrate their expertise
  • Architects wanting to demonstrate how they met client briefs
  • Any business wanting to grow their brand and generate leads
  • Those needing project summaries for advertorials and capability statements

These case studies are not for run of the mill projects.


Meet The Construction Copywriter

Cathy Camera

Cathy specialises in writing content for the construction industry. She crafts SEO web copy, capability statements and case studies. She also enjoys producing thought leadership content like blogs and white papers.

Having grown up immersed in the industry she now writes for, Cathy has a deep understanding of both her clients and their target audience’s needs.

She has honed her research, communication and writing skills over many years, not only as a writer but as a junior lawyer and primary school teacher. Her brand values of Communication, Honesty, Empathy and Reliability guide all her work. When you collaborate with Cathy, you’re not just getting content. You’re getting a trusted partner who is committed to achieving the best results for you.

Our business operates in a very technical and niche area of engineering. Whilst we think that it’s fascinating, when we write about it, we often come across bland and boring. What’s more, we find the writing process frustrating and once you factor the time in, it’s expensive as well. Cathy takes that pain away for us! She has a unique ability to listen to our deeply technical engineers, determine what’s important to our target audience and then write it up in a way that they find interesting and engaging. Cathy also interviews our clients and is able to get meaningful feedback and quotes that we are not able to get ourselves. I have no hesitation in recommending Cathy’s services to others.

Blake Boulton


Cathy understands the Building, Construction and Design industry making the whole process smooth and effortless.

Simon & Anne-Maree La Delfa

SLD Projects

Cathy was a pleasure to work with on our latest case study. She understood what we were trying to achieve, arranged all the client interviews and most importantly, we love the end result!

Thomas van Grondelle


Case studies

These are two examples of how I’ve helped brands who have employed me as their case study writer.

Boral are a large Australian company with various product lines. I wrote for the Roofing and Pavers division. They engaged me to write case studies highlighting luxury homes and other projects that had utilised their products.

I interviewed Boral representatives as well as builders, architects, home owners and town planners to produce compelling case studies.

These case studies feature on the Projects page of their website. I was also asked to write shorter versions that were used as advertorials in pull-out home magazines of weekend newspapers.

WMS logo

WMS (formerly Water Modelling Solutions) is a specialist water engineering team with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. They engage in both private and public sector work. Their public sector work is typically for regional and metropolitan councils, as well as water and catchment management authorities.

They approached me to write case studies highlighting their expertise in water engineering. I interviewed many employees and stakeholders to write compelling case studies showcasing difficult projects that they found innovative solutions to. In addition, I wrote case studies highlighting the skills and expertise of particular engineers and how they worked well with others in the field.

These case studies feature on their website and are often used on their LinkedIn profile demonstrating their knowledge and skill to prospective clients.

Visit my Portfolio to see examples of completed case studies.

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST. Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

Extra interviews can be added to packages – $250 each.

If needing graphic design for case studies, please enquire – POA.

So, are you ready to take the next step?

Do you want to see your brand grow and shine?

Time to stop watching your competitors snare clients.

Step up and show people what makes you different.

Give people no other option but to choose you for their project.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add extra interviews to the case study packages?

Yes, of course. We can discuss this when you are placing your order. Each extra interview is $250. 

Am I able to send you photos of the project?

I highly encourage this because a picture adds a lot of value. You can email these when you return your briefing form. 

How long will it take for you to write the case study?

I find that case studies take 3-6 weeks as often it takes time to line up interviews with different people. If you need it in a hurry, I would encourage you to consider a VIP Copywriting Package.

I'm not part of the building and construction industry, but think a case study would be great for my business. Do you write case studies outside this industry?

Yes, I do if it’s an industry I feel I’m suited to write about. If I can’t help you, I can always direct you to others who can. Please email me at with details to see if we’re a match.

I don't see what I'm after in your packages - what should I do?

Please get in touch via email at so I can provide a personalised quote.

Time for your business to shine

Imagine having a case study ready to go when a prospective client contacts you. Whether they walk into your showroom, or email you for a quote, that one case study could be the difference between you and your competitor.

Proof of your expertise and the professional way in which you do business. It could be the one thing that sways a client your way and convinces them to sign on with you.

And you can use it over and over again.

A small investment for a huge return.

    Don’t be left behind. Take centre stage and help your brand shine.


    Past clients

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    Grab your Practical Guide here

    Want some advice on writing your own case studies? This guide will help you craft both short and long form case studies so you can feature them on your website or in your capability statement.

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