My Process



During this stage, we will have a brief phone/email conversation about what you require. You will be asked to sign a Proposal and Quote, as well as make an initial payment to activate the project.



This is a crucial step so we can get the details and tone right for the copy. You’ll be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire. I will then interview you via recorded phone conversation going through your answers in detail. 



This is the fun stage where we see everything come together. I will conduct any necessary research, including keyword research, during this period and consult with you where needed. Then I will write a first draft of your document (or one page of your website) and send to you for feedback. I usually send an explanatory video with the copy. You use Track Changes (or some other agreed method) to review the copy. I make any necessary changes and send back. You have two free amends as part of your package.


Once the copy is completed you are sent an End of Project Sign Off and Review Form. By returning this signed form and paying final invoice, copyright in the work transfers to you and you are able to use it for its intended purpose.

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