SEO for the construction industry

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the construction industry can seem like an insurmountable beast. Especially if you’re a business owner who doesn’t really understand what SEO means

But how good would it be to have clients knocking on your door, rather than you chasing them?

As a construction industry specialist, I’ve formulated a system that not only delivers you SEO web copy, but also does it quickly and without burdening you.

After going through the process with many clients, I realised that VIP Copywriting Packages were the best way to deliver you fast, quality copy.

I can save you a whole heap of time, and eliminate the stress of trying to get a website together. It really doesn’t need to take up a load of your time.

Let me do the hard work, so you can get on with running your business.

Don’t delay

Due to the intensive nature of SEO web copy projects for the construction industry, I can only take on a certain number each month.

So get in quick and reserve your spot now.






So what is SEO for the construction industry?

How can SEO help your construction business? Basically, it’s work done on your website that gives it the ability to rank highly (on the first page and ideally in the top 3 spots) of a Google search. In order to do that, we have to first do some keyword research to work out what people are typing into Google and which of those terms your page or website could be optimised for. The copy can then be written to match up with the keywords.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that SEO work will have you rank highly. And no reputable SEO copywriter or agency will make such false promises.

SEO is a multi-faceted process that depends on a number of factors including Google’s algorithm and technical components of your website. Optimised copy isn’t enough on its own. If you’d like to learn more about SEO, head here.

Gets attention


Builds trust


Drives traffic to website

An optimised website in 3 simple steps


Once project is locked in, you fill out a briefing form and participate in a video briefing call to go through it.


I conduct Keyword Research and present it to you so you can confirm the keywords to be used.


I write the copy for your new website.

Don’t stress out trying to write your own website copy

It’s true you know your business best. How hard could a few words be?

But you didn’t factor in the keyword research, the SEO copywriting and even the UX (user experience) of the site. It’s a lot. Especially when you’re also trying to run a business.

Do you really want to spend your nights or weekends trying to get your head around SEO web copy?

Of course you don’t. Not when you can flick it to me and have it done within days.

All you have to do is fill out a briefing form, participate in a video chat with me and review the copy.

A new website that can help you attract customers is just a click away.

Don’t get stuck in a website writing process that takes months

No doubt you will want your copy quickly. So you can pass it on to your web designer and have them work their magic.

Depending on the size of your website, most copywriters will tell you that the process takes 4 to 6 weeks. That’s because no matter how fast you think you’ll give feedback, you’ll inevitably get caught up in your business and before you know it, weeks and months start to slip by.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. With my VIP copywriting packages, you can have your copy within a week of our briefing call.

Imagine not having to wait and not having to participate in an endless dance of back and forth emails and phone calls.

Have the SEO for your construction industry website working for you sooner rather than later

SEO is reliant on many moving parts. And it takes time to see results.

So you want to start sooner rather than later.

Prior to implementing my VIP copywriting packages for SEO websites, I watched helplessly as projects stretched out for months. Clients just got busy.

All that lost opportunity. When their websites could have been working for them and setting up a pipeline of new clients.

The sooner you start, the sooner the opportunity to grow your business.



  • Email/phone/video conference briefing time as required
  • Reading of brief and other information provided
  • General research as required
  • General website and SEO advice
  • Keyword Research for any optimised pages
  • Drafting and writing of copy for website pages.
  • Writing of meta titles and meta descriptions for each optimised page using keywords
  • Loom videos to explain the keyword research and copy

      FREE Beyond the Copy document to help you make the most of your new copy.


      A VIP SEO website package IS for you if:

      • You underastand your business thoroughly
      • You don’t want to waste time
      • You’re able to trust an expert to write your copy
      • You want quality copy fast

      A VIP SEO website package IS NOT for you if:

      • You’ve just started your business and are still working it out
      • You like to take your time with projects
      • You’d rather write copy yourself
      • You don’t care how long it takes to receive copy

      Why choose me? SEO for the construction industry in action

      I understand the construction industry and I’m also experienced at writing SEO web copy. You get the best of both worlds – and because of this you save time and money.

      This is what former clients have said about me:

      As a construction company, timelines and availability of resources is always a challenge. Cathy’s VIP fast-tracked offering suited our company due to the dedication and responsiveness of her time, and it enabled us to get immediate results. We were able to have clarity on deliverables from day one and exceptional results by day two. Cathy replaced our corporate jargon with wording that represented who we are as a company. Cathy’s communication was dynamic and responsive throughout the process.

      John-Ryan Davis

      V2R Projects

      We can highly recommend Cathy Camera for any of your copywriting needs. Cathy understands the Building, Construction and Design industry making the whole process smooth and effortless. Cathy is extremely easy to work with and is genuinely passionate about her work. We were extremely happy with the final copy. The language and word choices were clear, professional and worked to communicate our brand identity.

      Simon and Anne-Maree La Delfa

      SLD Projects

      Cathy was so professional and knowledgeable, and what we have been provided we are sure will create a professional and well-working website. Her communication was excellent and the VIP Package turnaround of two days was invaluable.

      Mick and Casey Martin

      M.M Constructions (The Block 2022 builders)

      Your investment

      So, are you ready to take the next step?

      Ready to have your website working for you?

      A professional construction website will earmark you as a leader in the industry.

      And an optimised site will help your ideal clients find you.

      Time to put your business on the map.

      Frequently asked questions

      I'm not sure how many pages I need. Which package do I choose?

      Get in touch and we can discuss your project. I’ll then be able to recommend the best package for you.

      What if you don't finish the website in the booked time?

      I’m pretty accurate at estimating how much time a website will take me to write. However, if your website turns out to be more complicated than originally though, you can always book in extra VIP time.

      Can I book the VIP packages for other work besides website copy?

      Yes, I often create capability statements for people at the same time as I’m writing their website copy. The VIP Packages are really for anyone who wants quality copy in a hurry and without fuss.

      I'm not part of the construction industry, but love the idea of quick, quality copy. Do you write SEO web copy for other industries?

      Yes, I do if it’s an industry that I feel I’m suited to write about. If I can’t assist you, I can always direct you to others who can help you. Please get in touch with details to see if we’re a match.

      An SEO website for your construction business is just around the corner

      An optimised, user friendly, content rich website is a must in today’s competitive market. It will be the foundation of showing your business is a market leader in the field.

        Don’t be left behind. Take action now and place your business in prime position.


        Past clients