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Sep 2, 2022 | copywriting

What is niche copywriting and how can it benefit your business?

Niche copywriting is when a writer specialises in writing for a specific industry, or specialises in a particular form of copy.

For instance, I niche in construction copywriting which means I write for builders, tradespeople, engineers and others in the construction industry.

However, I’ve also developed a sub-niche in case studies, capability statements and Search Engine Optimised website copy. This doesn’t mean I don’t write blogs or sales pages or other things (because I do), but I just tend to write more of the former.

Niche copywriters are different to generalists who love to write about a whole range of different topics.

What kinds of copywriting niches exist?

There are copywriting niches to suit all sorts of industries and types of copy. Below is a list of some that I’ve come across. My advice, if you’re looking for a specific type of copywriter, is to do a Google search or visit the Clever Copywriting School Job Board where you should be able to find someone.

Here are some examples of types of copy people specialise in:

  • Awards
  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO web copy
  • Capability statements
  • Email sequences
  • Sales pages
  • Speech Writing
  • Video scripts

And below are some examples of industries that writers might specialise in:

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Sustainability
  • Equine
  • Sex
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Real estate

I know so many copywriters that the above lists could be endless.

So, what’s the advantage of using a niche copywriter?

If we compare copywriters to medical professionals, a generalist would be like a General Practitioner who can treat a whole range of issues. A niche copywriter would be a specialist in a particular field like a heart surgeon or an immunologist (again, there could be hundreds of examples).

Do you need a specialist copywriter? Well, it’s not a life-and-death situation like the medical example provided, but hiring a specialist copywriter can make life a lot easier for you.

Niche copywriters understand your industry

Not only will a niche copywriter understand your industry, but they’ll probably like it as well. The majority of their writing is focused on your industry so they get to know it quite well. This means they’ll understand your target audience too – and their pain points, making it much easier to write for them.

Niche copywriters also understand the lingo

Yes, copywriters are wordsmiths and as a product of the job, we know a lot of words. We use words all day every day. But industry-specific jargon is a whole different kettle of fish. Your non-health-writing copywriter might not know the difference between edema and an embolism. And I certainly wouldn’t know what a “blue hen mare” is in relation to horses, unless I looked it up. But a writer specialising in writing about horse breeds would know. I know terms like computational fluid dynamics and what a BAL certificate is because I write for engineers and builders.

What’s the benefit to you?

Less time briefing the copywriter, and more value for your dollar is the short answer.

Yes, anyone can look terms up – and of course, specialist copywriters don’t know everything – but looking terms up takes time. And if a writer already understands your industry lingo, then they’ll be able to look up a term and understand it a lot faster than someone who is completely new to the field.

This means less briefing time for you and less research time for the writer. So you get things a lot faster.


False assumptions about niche copywriters


We know everything so you don’t need to brief us

False. Just remember, that like a medical specialist, a niche copywriter still needs a full brief from you. You wouldn’t let a heart surgeon operate on you without them knowing your history and everything about your case before starting. A niche copywriter is the same. We can’t read minds. So we need help to uncover all the relevant info before we write. You’ll get a much better outcome, and a quicker outcome, if you’re willing to put in some effort briefing your copywriter.

We produce copy faster so you pay less

Also false. Copywriters don’t generally charge based on time taken to write – or how long a piece of copy is – they charge based on value. I always use the Nike example because it’s so obvious. If Nike was charged by the word length for their tagline “Just do it”, they would have got a bargain – but it wouldn’t have reflected the value of that tagline. It’s perfect for their brand and is now instantly recognisable (and worth a lot).

And back to the medical example: I wouldn’t want a bargain heart surgeon who can complete my surgery in record time. I’d want a person with years of experience who has heaps of knowledge about my vital organ.

When you’re hiring a niche copywriter, whether they have an industry specific specialty or a copy specialty, you’re paying for their experience and knowledge.


Amazing niche copywriters

I’m fortunate to belong to The Clever Copywriting School Facebook group (a paid membership that I highly recommend for any copywriter). This means I know many, many copywriters and niche copywriters of every variety. So thought I would introduce you to a few who are brilliant, and let them give you their perspective on niche copywriting.

Niche: Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)


The heart and soul of why I’ve niched in DEI is that I know what it feels like to be excluded.” 

– Lisa Mangwiro

Lisa Mangwiro

Lisa niches in Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and says she kind of “fell into it and was then hit with an ah-ha moment”. For Lisa, her lived experience played a big part in her choice of specialty. She explains, “The heart and soul of why I’ve niched in DEI is that I know what it feels like to be excluded. For me, it’s often because of the colour of my skin.”

Lisa adds, “Couple this with the fact that I’ve worked in the area of inclusion in the Not For Profit sector and as a copywriter, and voila, you get a DEI lensed-copywriter.”
For Lisa, “Being able to support experts cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion is such huge honour”. 

What types of copy do you write for your niche?

Please don’t cringe but email copy is my thing. When done well, email is one of the best ways to nurture relationships and show how your services can help them, without demanding they BUY NOW!

What skills/personal qualities do you have that suit your niche?
Tricky!  I’d have to say reflection. On what works, what doesn’t and how to keep serving the best copy to my busy clients in the most seamless, hassle-free way possible.

Why do you think hiring a niche copywriter is of benefit to clients? 

They’re knowledgeable in the field and add tremendous value. They still need to invest time to understand your business but they don’t need to start from scratch. 

Who is your dream client? A DEI coach or consultant who leads with compassion. They are so my people.

LI: lisa-mangwiro


Niche: Video and Radio Scripts


“I have always enjoyed the challenge of getting a message across in 30/60/120 seconds.”

– Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper

Gary niches in video and radio scripts, and says “I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of getting a message across in 30/60/120 seconds. It’s always a challenge.”

Historically, Gary has leaned towards writing scripts for the finance sector and specifically, precious metals. But he now says he’s “trying to find different areas to work in.”

Is there a particular type of video script you enjoy creating?

I have just completed a 60 second VSL (video sales letter) for a Japanese cyber security company. This was an animation. I love doing these because you can let your imagination run riot without any impact on the budget.

What skills/personal qualities do you have that suit your niche?

I have a very active imagination and good sales and marketing knowledge. This enables me to write scripts which pull the prospective customer into the sales conversation, and address their needs and concerns in a way written copy would struggle to do alone.

Why do you think hiring a niche copywriter is of benefit to clients?

The level of experise and skill in knowing what will work, what an audience will be receptive to and how to structure the arguments/pain points logically and succinctly is key. Video and radio advertising cost a lot of money to put together – then there is the actual cost of advertising and putting a system in place to catch those inbound enquiries. You need to know the ad will work. It’s better to find this out in a script than after the budget has gone.

Who is your dream client?

Someone who is totally committed to, and interested in the project. You have to collaborate with the client to get the best results – so constantly having to cajole and beg for helpful background information and basic facts makes the job less efficient.

LI: gary-cooper

Niche: Speechwriting


“When you hire a niche copywriter, you’re getting someone who is deeply interested and practiced at what you’re after.” – Nyree Slatter

Nyree Slatter

Nyree has recently moved from being a generalist copywriter to specialising in speechwriting. She’s actually been speechwriting for the past 20 years so it made sense to choose it as a niche. Nyree says, “The universe had been hinting at it for a really long time and while I still enjoy writing other types of copy, speechwriting is my one true love.”

She goes on to explain, “My first taste of speechwriting was when I was 14 and at high school. We had to write and deliver a persuasive essay. I bloody loved it. Went home the same day we got the assignment and just wrote. I decided then and there that I wanted to be a speechwriter – specifically the Prime Minister’s speechwriter (LOL) – but it took me many, many years before I was able to believe in myself enough to make it happen.”

What type of speeches do you like to write? 

My favourite kinds of speeches are keynotes and I love writing for leaders or wannabe leaders. That thought leadership space is really interesting to me – particularly when the topic is broad and you have to find a creative and engaging way to tackle it.

I also really enjoy political speechwriting – where you have to make a strong and convincing argument and then rebut the other side. It gives me such a buzz to be able to make an alternative argument and then shoot it down in flames.

But I’m equally happy writing a Best Man Speech full of Dad jokes. I’ve done it and it was so fun just to have permission to be silly.

What skills/personal qualities do you have that suit your niche?

Well, I’m opinionated for a start – some may say argumentative when I believe in something deeply – so it’s easy for me to feel the fire in my belly of what I’m writing about and make it convincing.

I’m also curious and a good listener which helps when it comes to finding out what someone wants to speak about and how they speak. The idea of speechwriting is to make it sound like the speaker but a little more polished so getting their voice right is essential.

My brain is pretty good at making connections to find creative ways of telling stories and linking topics that may not immediately seem connected.

Why do you think hiring a niche copywriter is of benefit to clients?

I say this as someone who was a generalist for 5 years: when you hire a niche copywriter, you’re getting someone who is deeply interested and practiced at what you’re after.

That’s not to say that another copywriter can’t do the job – they probably can – but a niche copywriter knows their stuff. They do it all the time, they think about it all the time, they’re more likely to be up on particular trends or advances in that specialist area. They’re probably even more efficient at it because they have done it so much.

I’ve written a lot of random stuff in my time and now it’s nice to be able to focus.

Who is your dream client?

The next female Prime Minister of this country – whoever that is. Call me if you’re reading this.

And I’d definitely love to write for *anyone* who gets to speak at the National Press Club. A 40-minute televised address just makes me swoon.

But ideally, I’d love to be the speechwriter that women come to when they’re about to make their first step out onto the stage. This is their first time speaking at a conference or running a workshop and they need some support. I love the strategy part as much as the speechwriting part so to work with them from idea to strategy to delivery would be a total dream.

IG: @nyreeslatter

LI: nyree-slatter-darwin

FB: @nyreeslattercopywriting 




Niche copywriters love their niche! 

To be immersed in a particular niche day in and day out, you have to love it – or at least be fond of it. As the copywriters above have demonstrated, they all have a personal tie to their niche. Something that draws them in and drives them to seek excellence in what they produce. That’s the kind of person you want writing your copy.

My love for construction came from a lifetime of being surrounded by builders and tradies, as well as the experience of four of my own house builds. Construction sites excite me. And I love writing for people who are great at what they do but don’t like writing, or don’t have time for it. I enjoy shining a spotlight on those doing amazing things in construction.


So next time you need copy written for yourself or your business, consider whether a niche copywriter could be the answer.

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